My Own New Website!

I logged in with the sole purpose of posting this announcement and signing out, but it was impossible.

I browsed through the latest posts and came across beautiful pictures, wonderful stories and familiar faces.

Blogging and reading other blogs was part of my daily routine. It was fun. I loved the interactions and conversations.  I miss it! But I get to log in, once in a blue moon, and instantly feel connected.

Wow! my alarm just announced that is time to get ready for the gym! (It is 8:50 am). Yes, I started OrangeTheory! It is pure torture, but I love it!!

Now, the announcement… I have my own new website (again!). It took me a while to create it, but it was worth it. In case you would like to know, I used WIX. They have tons of beautiful templates. I didn’t follow any of them, because I had something more specific in mind.

Anyway, here is the link to my website: to give you an idea how it looks.

You could also check it out through your mobile phone. I had to fix a few things, but now it looks good.

One of the reasons I re-designed my website was because I just started to take part in a local farmer’s market. It is difficult to take the big paintings to that site (even though I will try), so this way people who take my card would be able to see my other works. By the way, it was a great first time. I absolutely loved interacting with the people passing by. They got to ask me questions and I got to meet my buyers. It was a great experience and  I sold three pieces.

Got to go burn some calories! :D

Be well! Sending you all a big hug!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

It’s been a while!


Hello People!!! I hope you are all well.

In my absence I got married, traveled for a few weeks and re-organized my life a bit. :)

I had to radically change my habits. I am painting more and spending very little time on the internet. I usually find some time to upload new work to my website and post once a day on my Facebook page. Would love to see you around there!

I need to focus all my efforts on creating a large portfolio and keep on growing as an artist.

I wish you all the best in Life!!

Pati <3 :D

PS.. here is my favorite wed picture.

Never Will I Depart

Patricia Awapara:

This poem was written by Wellden Brown, a very inspirational poet and a loving soul. You should check his site.

Originally posted on Where Words Daily Come Alive:

Within the darkness of the night
When blackness fills our room
The only light is from faraway stars
The only smile comes from the moon

This is when my emotions become alive
When once dormant thoughts now arise
As I find them softly become realities
When in my dreams your face I visualize

As you sleep I watch you so lovingly
Realizing never will a time come to be
A second where I will stop loving you
A moment when my love will ever leave

For all the goodness there could ever be
Is wrapped together deep within our hearts
I find I need your love each day in my life
And from your side I will never seek to depart

Wendell A. Brown,
Google Image Credit,

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Alcohol Ink Paper Pendant

Featured Image -- 3194

Patricia Awapara:

Kim is a very talented artist. I love her blog. She is so creative! This is one of her pieces that she convert it into jewelry!! Such a joy! :D

Originally posted on Craft-Create-Connect:

She is at it again folks… trying something new and different!

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Painting: Under the Blue Light

Portrait under blue light realistic peaceful zen image face closeup beautiful man expression

It took me a while to finish this piece, but it is finally here.

It’s funny how each piece takes its own course. This one took a while, and lots of changes. I took so many pictures that I was able to create a video, with all these frames. Watching the metamorphosis is unreal. If you would like to see it here is the link

Also, below is a wonderful poem written by Wendell A Brown, one of my dear friend of the web-sphere. You should go check his blog. He wrote it specially for this post. His words are a blessing to the world. Many thanks Wendell!

There was a certain air of confidence every where
The moment I began to feel his eyes embrace
I knew that this would be a fantastic piece
As I felt the soothing energy alive within his face
There actually was a surprisingly shy moment
Where he let his guard down allowing me to see
That though his image seemed so very perfect
I begin to feel a genuine and selfless humanity
One would see this painting when its finished
They would surmise that it showed so much more
But in the moments which  the creative spirit flowed
There was really one thing he let me know for sure
That He only agreed to sit down and let me paint him
Understanding within me there was a genuine real need
To capture this side of his truly gentle  wonderful spirit
Because he saw he could not hide his truth from me
That through the  gorgeous smile and handsome looks
I could see the true charade played with others each day
And he wanted to finally end his daily ruse with  life
Letting his seemingly perfect self slip so very far away.

Painting: Fishing Boat

Pier with a fishing boat buoys landscape and scenic painting

It seems that with the summer near by, I’ve felt like creating seaside paintings. This is another piece of buoys and hot weather. This theme is so much fun to paint…

If you look at the shack, you will noticed that it resembles a previous painting. I did it on purpose, :D as if zooming out of the picture.

I used oils on a 16 x 20 inch stretched canvas. The size seemed just right. On the other hand, I am tempting to do one much bigger. Let’s see :D

Thanks for visiting!

Painting: Nautical Theme


I love the cities around a harbor. They seem romantic and peaceful. I believe it is the water surrounding them and the sounds of seagulls causing this effect.

I wanted to portray that feeling into this painting as well. The hot summer days reflected on the walls and floats (buoys), and the sea cooling them down.

I’ve posted the new paintings on my FB page. In a way, it is faster and easier. I had hardly any time to spear lately, so it works better. However, I do miss the interaction I have with all of you here.

This is another addition to the Nautical Theme. I am loving the process of painting this pieces, which by the way, the first one already sold and it is on its way to her new home.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!! and thanks for visiting :D

SOLD at my Etsy Shop

SOLD at my Etsy Shop


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