How to Package Artwork Makes all the Difference

One way to impress my online customers, besides accurate representation of my artwork, is to package the artwork with the most care. Implementing this practices will be beneficial for the collector as well as for your business. As follows I included a link showing you pictures with step-by-step guide on how to ship paintings safely. However, this … Continue reading How to Package Artwork Makes all the Difference

NEW Floral Collection!

Happy Day to All! I've been  diligently working and focusing all my energy on creating new paintings for the last 18 months. I feel that my efforts are paying off. I'm excited about the  2016 Floral Collection. This paintings are a bunch of joyful blooms, a gathering of rich colors and a flow of spontaneity. I might be going … Continue reading NEW Floral Collection!

Artist Open Studio Day and Exhibition

I am excited to announce that I am hosting my first open art studio day. For those of you that live in Miami this is a great opportunity to learn more about the artist, me! We'll be able to interact one on one, walk into the place where I create and get inspired and you might … Continue reading Artist Open Studio Day and Exhibition

Latest Artwork – Enchanted Forest collection

I imagine walking through forests where color has no boundaries, where sunlight lifts the spirit and where nature becomes part of one's soul. I breathe in deep and exhale pure joy... Find availability,  price and closeups at my website: Best wishes to all 💚😘 Thanks for stopping by!:mrgreen:

SAVE THE DAY! South Miami Art Festival is this Nov 7 & 8

For all the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Residents... Join us for the Official Launch of the Miami Art Season 2015-16. There's something for everyone - and the best part - admission is free! Starts on Nov 7 (10-5 PM) and Ends on Nov 8 at 5 PM. I will have a booth to showcase my latest work … Continue reading SAVE THE DAY! South Miami Art Festival is this Nov 7 & 8


UPDATE: ... and the winner is... Maria Fernandez!!! Yay Hello my WordPress Friends!! I hope you are all doing well. I am popping in to announce a painting giveaway on my Facebook Page. The Rules are simple. LIKE my page first, then LIKE, COMMENT in & SHARE the Facebook post to be eligible. The winner will be … Continue reading PAINTING GIVEAWAY!!! UPDATE – THE WINNER IS…

Expressions of the Heart – Solo Exhibition

It is that time! It is the Event of the Year! at least to me... heehee I am really excited to announce and invite all Miami Residents to my first Solo Exhibition happening tomorrow at 2494 NW 89th Place, Doral, FL 33172. Presented by Macondos Coffee Roasters. I hope you can make it, 'cause nothing beats looking … Continue reading Expressions of the Heart – Solo Exhibition

Colors Influence Your Mood

Feel like changing your frame of mind for the better? Buy a colorful painting. I am not kidding🙂 There are tons of articles in the Internet talking about how color influence our mood. Think about it. How does the thought of opening a yellow umbrella on a rainy day makes you feel? Uplifting, isn't … Continue reading Colors Influence Your Mood

It is a great honor to announce that Rolando Chang Barrero from RCB Fine Art Gallery will be representing me, some of my work and my vision. This is a new chapter in my artistic carreer and I am very excited! This galley is located in Lake Worth, Florida. It is about 1 hour and … Continue reading


Think of the Love you could be Spreading!

I'm excited!  Got another review on my Etsy Shop. I'm sharing this with you, not only 'cause I'm grateful, but also as a reminder to take the time to write a review. For folks like me, emerging artists, craftsmen, writers and many more depend on this feedback to help their store get more sale. However, … Continue reading Think of the Love you could be Spreading!

Storm Riders

Striking Photography by Bo

Storm Riders Fine Art Print

Scenic country lone tree view looking east from Northeast Boulder County Colorado with cloud to ground lightning striking as well as cloud to cloud lightning, blue skies and star trails above.   This is a two images stack equal to a one minute exposure to keep the noise level very low.

Storm Riders Fine Art Print

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I wasn't sure if I should post this Sale in my blog. I usually write about my paintings (occasionally nowadays) exhibitions and my life. But then I thought, "Hey, it's a sale! Everyone loves a sale!" heehee  "It would be selfish not to share it!!" Don't you think? or am I deluding myself?:/ My heart tells … Continue reading FATHER’S DAY CELEBRATION SALE!!!


Tropical drink are associated with summer and fun times. I love them!! Most of these colorful drinks are sweet and refreshing. Inspired by the new Season, here's a collection of my favorite beverages that I enjoy in a Hot Summer day! They serve to cool down and why not, as decorative pieces for your home … Continue reading SUMMER IS HERE! AND SO ARE TROPICAL DRINKS! YAY!

Q and A – Interview

This is a list of questions people have asked throughout the years, in friendly conversations and interviews. My answers without holding back are as follows: Where is your studio? I moved to a new location in Doral. Please, call to make an appointment. What do you listen to when you are painting? Most of the time, I … Continue reading Q and A – Interview


I can't remember when this picture was taken, but it was a loooooong time ago! I look so young!!!!:mrgreen: OMG!!!! Time flies!!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

abstract entangle 025

Adding the Finishing Touches

  How do I know when a painting is done? Well, for me is all about feeling. As I go through the motions of applying each color, little by little layers are built on top of each other, revealing the work of art. In other words, the harmony created by motion and color speaks to my heart … Continue reading Adding the Finishing Touches

My Own New Website!

I logged in with the sole purpose of posting this announcement and signing out, but it was impossible. I browsed through the latest posts and came across beautiful pictures, wonderful stories and familiar faces. Blogging and reading other blogs was part of my daily routine. It was fun. I loved the interactions and conversations.  I miss … Continue reading My Own New Website!

Never Will I Depart

This poem was written by Wellden Brown, a very inspirational poet and a loving soul. You should check his site.

Featured Image -- 3194

Alcohol Ink Paper Pendant

Kim is a very talented artist. I love her blog. She is so creative! This is one of her pieces that she convert it into jewelry!! Such a joy!😀


She is at it again folks… trying something new and different!

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Portrait under blue light realistic peaceful zen image face closeup beautiful man expression

Painting: Under the Blue Light

It took me a while to finish this piece, but it is finally here. It's funny how each piece takes its own course. This one took a while, and lots of changes. I took so many pictures that I was able to create a video, with all these frames. Watching the metamorphosis is unreal. If … Continue reading Painting: Under the Blue Light