Forgiveness – an unexpected gift, a short story

This is my first publication! And you may download a FREE copy here through Smashwords.

I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I don’t even know how to clearly convey my feelings. I am aimlessly wandering about what people will say, where to promote my book, what should I do next, and so on. Also, hoping for the world someone to read it and give me feedback, any feedback.

Even though I have already published many posts in my blog, for some strange reason, publishing a book (even a short story) feels different. I am optimistic that every detail of the book is acceptable to the public. That there are no grammatical errors or unwanted mistakes. I did my homework. Many people reviewed the 1,164 words printed on those pages before I decided to upload the file. I followed all the steps I learned about publishing a book, but still, you never know.

I believe that publishing this short story, whether good or bad, it will be a great experience to use in the future.

So, I wait, expectant, cheerful and at ease for my first review.

About the Book

This story focuses in a powerful moment in time, on an aching heart and an amazing experience that leads to a great insight. A strange phone call helps this lost soul into forgiveness.


I find myself hiding inside my bedroom, behind an unfamiliar massive wooden dresser, kneeling on the floor and peeking out as terror crawls inside of me. My heart is beating fast, my palms are sweating and my throat is dry and hurting. I swallow hard, but careful not to make any noise. I look around without moving, searching for an answer, trying to make sense out of this situation. I noticed everything is in place with the exception of this dresser. A dresser that looks like a piece of furniture my grandma would own. On the other hand, it doesn’t really matter where it came from. For now, it’s serving a great purpose and shielding me from danger.

I am confused. I have no memory of how I got here. I know I am afraid, but not sure of what though.

It is daylight, but looks brighter than ever. Maybe it’s the sun filtering through the window. I look up, trying to see past the glass frame, but my eyes squint in the glare. I turn my head to avoid the pain.

While my sight is fixed on the wide-open bedroom door, my body is still and my ears alert, listening for a clue, waiting for something to happen.

A sudden ringing breaks my concentration, making me jump, raising my heartbeat and scaring the hell out of me. I follow the sound and find a telephone on the floor besides me. This is no ordinary phone, at least not in the 21st Century. In all my eighteen years of life, I have only seen this in pictures. An antique, bulky, black, rotary dial phone complete with a cord connected to the heavy handset, is pleading to be answered. With no caller ID, I am hesitant to pick it up, but my curiosity proves greater than my caution. Besides, I want the ringing to stop; it’s attracting too much attention. Slowly, I pick up the receiver, feeling it’s weight. I hear nothing on the other end. I stop breathing for a moment, lingering in silence, anticipating the caller’s voice.

Read the rest of the story by downloading a free copy here.


I got my first review!!!!!!!!!!!  I pasted below, from Smashwords.

I know I shouldn’t be affected by it, and learn not to let my mood change by outside situations (being that it is very possible I get a bad review as well…hehehe)  but it is my first one!!! So, for today I will jump up and down and celebrate in a few languages!!!

hip hip hurray!!! (English – obviously :D) hurra! (Spanish) evviva! (Italian) hourra! (French) Hurra! (German) hurra! (Swedish) ζήτω, ουρά (Greeck)  ‘ура!’ (Russian) hoera! (Dutch) hurra! (Portuguese) hurra (Turkish) 우와! (Korean)

Review by: David Antrobus on Aug. 27, 2012 : star star star star

“Forgiveness” is a dreamlike mystery that ends in an epiphany, and is told in a clear, easy style that barely hides the emotion seething just below the surface. This story feels both personal and quietly insistent on being told. What is remarkable, however, is that English is not Patricia Awapara’s first language, which makes some of the awkward grammar and tense issues very forgivable in this instance…

Another update!! I few more reviews from Smashwords..

Review by: Cathy McDonald on Sep. 10, 2012 : star star star star star
Forgiveness – An Unexpected Gift explains forgiveness thoughtfully and with feeling. Many struggle with the concept. This is ideal for those who do and a reminder to those who forgot.

Review by: Soleil Daniels on Sep. 09, 2012 : star star star star
Though this is not my top genre, Forgiveness – An Unexpected Gift grabbed my attention from the get-go. It is a great quick read.

Review by: Ingrid Fox on Sep. 09, 2012 : star star star star star
This short story felt real. It is written in a simple matter, but filled with emotions. Although, I wish it would have been longer, it was enough to convey a beautiful message.
I agree with the other reviews. The story has a powerful message that anyone can relate. And I now understand why the author picked that title. I hope for everyone to read it. I highly recommend it.
By the way, read Ms. Awapara’s Bio. I think you will enjoy it.
(review of free book)

Review by: Zeinab Alayan on Sep. 05, 2012 : star star star star star
This was a touching short story with a powerful message. Even after you close the document, it will keep you thinking and make you wonder about what you should be doing in your life. I highly recommend it!

Thank you for your support!

55 thoughts on “Forgiveness – an unexpected gift, a short story

  • I read your story in the Smashwords reader – a very lovely thoughtful story! 🙂 And a great idea to give it away, good way to get yourself some publicity. And I also loved your You Tube advert, very attractive!
    Suzy 😀


    • Thank you Suzy!I am glad you took the time to read it and liked it. 😀 Yes, I read it is a good idea to give a way books. People will get to know your writing. That way, when the time comes to buy a book, they won’t hesitate. All the best!


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