Painting: Three Magenta Palm Trees

I have been busy with my new website, investigating what are meta tags and painting my latest commissioned painting (a penguin). I love it! So, I am making time today to post a new painting.

This piece was lots of fun to create. It was one of those days that I felt like experimenting with a new medium. I took some watercolor crayons out, and before I knew it these three palm trees appeared on the board! I love when that happens. I wish I can remember the process of loosing my mind into the painting. I think that when I am not afraid to mess up, is when I get most creative.

Thanks for stopping by,

Have a wonderful day! 😀

9 thoughts on “Painting: Three Magenta Palm Trees

  • Oh, Patricia, how uplifting and inspiring! And I loved checking out the rest of your wonderful paintings on your great new website!!

    I’m going with friends to an art class (with wine!) in Delray Beach one evening later this month. I don’t think you will need to worry about any competition! 🙂


  • Love the vibrancy Patricia! It’s a neat for something that wasn’t planned. Congrats on the website! If you don’t mind my asking who are you using as host of your website?


    • Thanks Mary!
      In regards to the web host, it is called Big Black Bag (like a big portafolio) I did some research and found that this was a great choice for artists. I feel it is well design and easy to use. They provide tons of templates and an arrey of services. Their prices have change a bit since i first found them years ago, they give more choices and budgets. They also provide ecomerce and SEO, which I am trying to understand. It all depends what you are looking for. I got their largest package for a year, which included unlimited galleries, etc. However, there are monthly packages.
      The good thing about this is that you could choose a 14 day free trial. If you decide to
      continue with them or upgrade, you dont need to reload your work.

      (I’m replying from my Nook. It’s not the same as a computer. I cannot highlight the link above, but you can copy paste it in a new window).

      I hope this helps!


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