I am RAW artist!

Like every other day, I went to check my Artist Facebook page. I was surprised to find a message in my inbox from a showcase director with an organization called RAW artist. As an artist, I probably should have known them, but I had no idea (not proud about that :().

Here are parts of her message, which by the way all this happened about a week ago:

“… I’m the Miami showcase director of an arts organization called RAW: natural born artists, RAW is an indie arts organization for artists, by artists. We focus on spotlighting indie underground talent to the public. Every month we hand-select and showcase 40 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, accessories, performing art, hair, and makeup.
RAW operates in 80+ cities worldwide, including Miami!…
… I came across your work on Etsy and I think your work is fantastic! I love how colorful your work is.
I’m hereby officially selecting you for the showcase!!”

After I read this, you could imagine how I felt. I was thrilled, to say the least, to get an invitation for this event. We set up a phone call meeting. I was impressed with all the tools this organization provides to the artist and how unique they are. They give us a profile page in their website, here’s mine. They also bring media, photographers and film makers to create a video about the artist, (like an interview, which I am a bit nervous about! I hope I don’t get brain freeze :(, if you know what i mean).  As they say in their website:

“Our RAW Directors hand-pick and spotlight local artistic talent in film, fashion, music, visual art, hair & makeup artistry, and performance art. With artists from all genres in each showcase, RAW events come together to form an amazing one-night circus of creativity.”

In any case, I am all pumped up and already preparing for the event, which is not until October 25th! but have tons of things to take care of by then. In fact, I am building a showcase grid to hang all my art, and that in itself is going to be a long project. I will probably create a post about it. I also need to paint, paint and paint, make sure my website is updated and keep up with a list of dates prior to the event. Oh!!! and today we were notified that because it is so close to Halloween, it is also going to be a costume party! (another thing for my list: get a decent costume!)

By the way, if you live in Miami and would like to attend this event and at the same time show your support, you may buy the ticket online for $15 and save money. It cost $20 at the door. This Link will take you to my profile, were  you will see “Buy a ticket for this artist”, next to the big word I AM RAW.

So, mark your calendars!!! The event is on October 25, 2013. I hope to see you there!

Thanks for your support and for stopping by!

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