Painting: Flower Arrangement

UPDATE BELOW the original post

I have waited for about a week to use my newly acquired oil painting set.

How exciting was to use oils again after so many years. I always thought that oil paintings where extremely dangerous and smelly, but recently, after doing some research, I found out that it was not the paint that smelled (at least not to me), but the solvents I used to mix the paint with. I couldn’t believe this was the reason I stopped using oils.

Now that I know, I will be using walnut and safflower oil for mixing and cleaning my brushes. In fact, I already did!!! It worked Marvelously! (i like that word :D)

The creamy buttery feel to oils have no equal to acrylic paints. I have fallen in love again!! with oil paint. I still enjoy painting with acrylics… but I think I will be using oils for a while, or until I get off of this high :D. Can’t help it!

This is a very first oil painting (after years of using acrylic). The palette is as limited as my budget: Burnt Sienna (my favorite color!), Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone Red, Phthalo Blue and Titanium White. I hope to get more colors soon!!!

Oil on gesso board 8 x 8
Oil on gesso board
8 x 8

Thanks for visiting! 😀

Update: There were a few things that kind of bothered me about the still life above, so I decided to work on it a bit more. I eliminated the red dot on the middle of the vase, added some shadows to the vase, added blue highlights to the flowers, paint a red little flower instead of the purple blob. And in the process I kind of messed up the yellow flower a bit. However, I am still happy about the change. Below is the updated version 😀

Don’t be shy, let me know what you think 😀

18 thoughts on “Painting: Flower Arrangement

    • Sometimes, I want to delete the previous one, but I agree with you. I think keeping the old version, shows how much the painting has improved.

      Thank you so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts.


  • From the comments, it looks like you are inspiring some artists. Cool! I LOVE daisies, so I’m glad you chose them for your first revisit of oil painting. I like the way you handled the lighting, too! It’s MARVELOUS!! 🙂


  • Wow this is an awesome painting Patricia! Love it and here’s why – you used the light perfectly from right to left it hits the wall, table and flowers beautifully and just as it should. The shadow, perfect. This is one of my favorites! I want to understand, are you actually using cooking walnut and safflower oils for mixing the paints and then cleaning the brushes, just as you would with turps? One of the reasons I also didn’t start painting with oil paints.


    • I admire the way in which you express yourself and give outstanding critiques. I need to learn how to do the same. It is not only your caring words, but you can see… if you know what I mean. Thanks for today and all those times you have left me comments. I value your opinion greatly! 😀

      Now, brushes! Yes, well, I use safflower oil to soften the paint, but just a few drops. My objective is to use the paint as pure as possible. Sometimes, however, it is a bit to pasty to run on the surface. It is then, that I add a bit of safflower to it. Safflower is cheap. A 16 oz bottle costs $7. I pour a little bit into a tiny bottle with a dropper. Not sure if I am saying it right, but to give you an idea, it is the bottles use for medicine with a drip. Anyway, using a dropper, a let a drip on top of each color paint. It works fantastic.

      I use the Walnut oil to clean the brushes, in between colors (when I am using the same size brush) and at the end of the session. It is amazing how well the walnut oil cleans the brush. You have to try it to believe it. I also read that it is perfectly fine to use walnut oil as a solvent. In fact, there are paint tubes that are based only in walnut oil. By the way, the old masters used walnut only as a mixer. They say, it is better than linseed oil, because it doesn’t tend to yellow the painting.

      About the smell, well, there is none! I live in an apt, and you cannot tell there is oil paintings lying around. 😀 Let me know if you decide to use it.


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