A New Theme to my WordPress Blog!

Staying until 2 am last night and working all morning on my new theme was worth it!!!

I felt enthusiastic after my first panic yesterday, which I posted about it. I have focus my attention solely to finish the re-design of my blog, so I may go on with my life (LOL :D). I have not even checked my emails, posts or comments, but I will tonight after I finish my daily painting. I haven’t event start yet!

I do want to thank those of you that helped me find my lost widgets. You saved me!!!!! 😡  Oh! and I apologize for so many posts today, but it was the only way I could create the portfolio for my Shop page.

If you ever want to change your theme, I highly recommend this one. It is call Photographer Theme, great for artist. I am not sure who created it, but it is AWESOME!!! The things you could do with widgets, pages, portfolios, menus are remarkably productive and easy to understand. So, thank you to who ever you are!!!!

Now, I present to you my new website!!  Ta ta ta tan!!!!!

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