Painting: 30 in 30 – Day 24

Hectic, is the perfect word to describe my day.

I still have tons of things to do, but I made time to paint and to say hello and thank you all for your well wishes yesterday. I really appreciate the support.

Which, by the way, went amazing! I met so many fellow artists. We spent hours talking about art!!! and shared tips and ideas. We also did the interviews. I was a bit nervous, but at the end I made it through alive!! 😀 We’ll know for sure how I did after the release day, which is after the event  😦

For today painting, I decided to work on the Sail Boat, which was something I thought I finished, but I felt the ocean water, clift and boat where to dark. So, I worked on the colors and tried to loosen my brush strokes, but after I uploaded the picture, I wanted to change a few more things. For now, this will have to do… heehee

I will talk to you later (or maybe tomorrow :D)

Thanks for visiting!

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