Salt Lake: A City with Breathtaking Views and Wonderful People

We just came back from Salt Lake City, a week-long vacation.ย The experience was fantastic! ๐Ÿ˜€

I was in awe by the breathtaking views, wonderful highways and beautiful people. The vast landscape and snow peaks were expected. The intricate and well designed roadways took me by surprise. However, I was blown away by the welcoming attitude of most residence and the integrity of one FedEx store employee, named Vance.

I included below some of the pictures I took on our way to the mountains and the story about Vance.

Although, I tried to capture the vast plains and gorgeous scenery, it is impossible to convey the impression of being surrounded by these tall and massive rock formations, the sounds of walking on the white blanket of flaky powder nor the feeling of being there connecting with nature.

I loved it.

The trip was planned with the purpose of learning to ski. The first day we tried cross country skiing, also known as Nordic ski. We did well during our private lesson, giving us enough confidence to practice on our own. Robert was great! He did better than I. Even though we both fell a few times. I was the one with a pulled muscle (calf) and twisted wrist ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

He had some training about 20 years ago, which must have helped him keep with his balance and avoid hurting himself. I was happy for him, because he was able to take the regular ski classes the following day at Snowbird Mountain Resort. He was hooked and already planning to go back before the end of the season. This means I have about three months to prepare and to get stronger. Yoga will help me with balance and working out at the gym will give me stamina… I am ready!!!

Oh! The story about Vance… we bought all our winter gear the morning after we arrived at Salt Lake. This meant that by the end of the week we would have to buy luggage for the extra clothes or send it in a box. The last day, we finished so late, we had no time or energy to look for suitcases, so we decided to send it via FedEx. This is when we met Vance. We gave him the package with the slip filled out but their computer was down. Vance, knowing that we were leaving the next morning (to Miami) offered to keep the box and send it when the system comes up again. He would call us to get the payment information. I was hesitant. In my head, there was no room to trust this stranger. On the other hand, Robert accepted Vance idea without even pausing to think about it. While driving back to the hotel I finally reacted, telling Rob that we didn’t even get a copy of the slip, a tracking number or some proof that we left the box at the FedEx store. After a few minutes of debating what to do, we decided that the worst thing that could happen was to loose the money we invested (compared to being healthy and alive, it was nothing :D) So, we let it go. Early next morning we were on our way back home. The moment we arrived, Rob turned on his phone and noticed a couple of missed calls. It was Vance.

I have to admit that this man’s honesty changed me in many ways and I feel joy that we crossed paths with him. ย ๐Ÿ˜€

25 thoughts on “Salt Lake: A City with Breathtaking Views and Wonderful People

  • Wow! Very beautiful views!! Glad to know you’ve enjoyed your vacations!

    May these beautiful memories inspire you to create more beautiful works in this lovely Year 2014!

    Thank you for sharing & Cheers!! ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Wow! and Wow! again! The scenery is stunning and you had a wonderful life lesson as well! that makes for a double Wow!!

    Your openness is so engaging Pati – and learning to trust that all is well is one of the most important aspects of living a life of true contentment. Your process of letting it go was amazing – the worst case scenario wasn’t a huge disaster at all. It as just so good to see you get to that place where it’s only money and we are both okay – and it was! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I prefer to trust, simply because it is a better place for me to be internally. Sometimes my trust has been misplaced, but the so what, no-body died reaction comes pretty quick and I prefer not to carry that experience through to the next one.

    Life is a highway and full of really great people!! Yay for Vance!! And Rob!! And Pati!!


    • It felt wonderful to let it go! It is amazing how much weight we create for ourselves. I think what helped the situation was Robert trust toward Vance. Life is much easier when our hearts are light ๐Ÿ˜€ So yes, it was a great lesson and a great experience meeting Vance. Thanks for all the yays!!! xoxox โค


  • Patricia,
    It was so fun to see your pictures and when I saw that it was Salt Lake, I really was interested. I was born in Salt Lake. Lived there until I was 10 and then came back to Utah for college. Having lived in the flat midwest for over 35 years, it’s easy to forget mountains exist. When ever I go back, I am always thrilled to see the mountains. My brother and his family live in Park City. They are real skiers. Their’s is a ski in/ski out house up on the mountain. I was there in April a couple of years ago, and they still had 4 feet of snow on their roof! I guess it must be winter most of the year at their home.
    I’m so glad you had a good experience. I think Utah (northern and southern) has some of the most gorgeous scenery in the US. My son is a landscape painter and especially likes to paint scenes from Zion National Park in So. Utah. You might want to go there on your next trip.


    • Oh Wow! So, do you know how to ski? We saw one year olds skiing like pros. Mind bugling.. heehee and yes, I know which houses you are talking about. We saw people coming in an out of them, skiing and then into the road. Crazy! we thought they were a typo o bungalow or something seasonal. We did not get to go to Park City! We picked the most busy weekend of the year. We could have gone any other weekend, but we didn’t realized it was Martin Luther King day on Monday, nor that the Sundace Festival was going on! Park City was packed. Traffic was crazy, so we decided to leave it for the next time. :/ We still had a great time though.


      • I’ve actually only been skiing once as a teenager. My brother married someone who was a skier and he took it up then. I bet Park City was crazy this weekend. Luckily their house is pretty secluded. But I bet they stocked up at the grocery store so they wouldn’t have to go into town. My sister in law has even been into “extreme” skiing where you take a helicopter and they drop you off on top of a mountain and ski down. That is NOT my cup of tea!


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