Golden Pears, oil pastel

This piece is from an amazing artist, Mary. Click the picture to read her posts.

Oil Pastels by Mary

Edges in paintings is such an interesting subject and technique.  I’ve been working on improving my painting edges whether they are soft, hard or lost and found.  Have had an interesting discussion going on PMP site about the subject and will write a post on my blog with the highlights perhaps next week.

Today I finished Golden Pears (5×7) using Mi-Teintes Bisque tinted pastel paper, with a limited palette.  This was fun, quick and proved to me that light and shadows are big players in helping to determine the type of edges to use in bringing the viewer to the focal point.

Let me apologize upfront because the photograph is a little fuzzy – had a difficult time in getting the camera to provide a clear focus on the painting.  But you get the idea ~

Golden Pears

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