Painting: Under the Blue Light

It took me a while to finish this piece, but it is finally here.

It’s funny how each piece takes its own course. This one took a while, and lots of changes. I took so many pictures that I was able to create a video, with all these frames.

Below is a wonderful poem written by Wendell A Brown, one of my dear friend of the web-sphere. You should go check his blog. He wrote it specially for this post. His words are a blessing to the world. Many thanks Wendell!

There was a certain air of confidence every where
The moment I began to feel his eyes embrace
I knew that this would be a fantastic piece
As I felt the soothing energy alive within his face
There actually was a surprisingly shy moment
Where he let his guard down allowing me to see
That though his image seemed so very perfect
I begin to feel a genuine and selfless humanity
One would see this painting when its finished
They would surmise that it showed so much more
But in the moments which  the creative spirit flowed
There was really one thing he let me know for sure
That He only agreed to sit down and let me paint him
Understanding within me there was a genuine real need
To capture this side of his truly gentle  wonderful spirit
Because he saw he could not hide his truth from me
That through the  gorgeous smile and handsome looks
I could see the true charade played with others each day
And he wanted to finally end his daily ruse with  life
Letting his seemingly perfect self slip so very far away.

19 thoughts on “Painting: Under the Blue Light

  • Lovely painting. The colour combination is beautiful. His intense eyes seems to be very curious as if they want to say something. Anyways dear, Great piece of work again as always. Liked it. 🙂


  • Hi Patricia,

    I found you through Wendell and your painting is incredible. His poem is also a wonderful complement. I’m a poet, so drawing and painting to me seems very difficult, especially, humans. Yet, his face seems so real; you did such a wonderful job…
    Lauren 🙂


    • Hi Lauren,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my page and I am glad you think that way about this piece. I agree with you about Wendell’s poem.

      I am a painter, but it is sometimes difficult for me as well to mimic what I have in my head… heehee… 😀

      oh! and you also have a beautiful talent, writing… be well, xoxo 😀


  • Lovely seeing this piece finished – monochromatic right? Beautiful work in textures and strokes – the portrait comes alive through his eyes. You are confident Patricia and it shows in your work.


    • I agree with you Mary! His eyes have been the focal point since day one. I must admit that I am happy how they came out.

      You know, it is funny you mentioned that this piece is monochromatic, because it does look like it in the picture. However, it is actually not. I used a very limited palette, white, blue and burn sienna. It is amazing how much detail is lost in pictures. In fact, people tell me, after receiving their packages with paintings they bought from me, that the piece is much better in person. (which of course, it always makes me happy)

      Thanks for your observation and comments Mary! Have a wonderful Sunday 😀


      • Lovely combination of colors – sometimes the lighting is so hard to get right when photographing. Good to hear the comments from your customers because your work is simply phenomenal from color to technique. Enjoying my day – playing catch-up on everything thing that didn’t get done during the week! Happy Sunday to you as well!


  • I watched your video on facebook a few days ago and was amazed at how often you worked on his mouth……. almost as if it’s many expressions could not be properly captured. It also seemed to me that his eyes never changed from the beginning – these you were immediately able to capture I thought it was a wonderful process to record and appreciated seeing it – thank you so much for sharing!


    • You are amazing!! That is exactly what happened!!! I took me a while to figure out the expression of the mouth. It blows my mind that a small line would make him sad, or happy, or witty. There were moments I doubted my ability to see. The truth is that what we perceive with our eyes, do not translate the same in the canvas. It is a matter of practice. Learn to see in a different … light… heehee

      One thing I can feel absolutely amazed by, is his eyes. Every time I look at this piece I can feel the connection, the depth and the love. I literally LOVE him… heehee… well I love all my creations. 😀 This one is easier to talk to… heehee

      Have a wonderful weekend Pauline. I send you my love and a big hug!! 😀


  • Reblogged this on Where Words Daily Come Alive and commented:
    Patricia is a very inspiring artist who shares her wonderful gift on her blog and on facebook! She follows my blog also and I asked her one day after seeing several inspiring images if she would mind me writing a poem for one of her pieces of her choice if she would let me see it ahead of time…so the poem is what I captured from the picture that I felt I saw through her eyes! You should really visit her blog she is so very creative and talented in so many ways!

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  • It is beautiful! Thanks for the video as well it was really interesting to see all the changes you did with it! 🙂


  • Sorry, Patricia. On your video I was anticipating a blank canvas evolving into a finished painting. On my end I only saw a final pic blinking on and off with various tones. But it is a very nice painting.


  • Thanks for the blessing allowing me to write a poem for one of the painting you do so wonderfully well! I am humbled by that blessing but it is the inspiration which you bring to life each day that brought to life the words…its all you, I am just a brother/friend…it is all about your beautiful creative gift you share always! Hugs and blessings my sister!!


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