Think of the Love you could be Spreading!

Got another review on my Etsy Shop. How fulfilling!

Writing a review is time-consuming and sometimes boring, but when we buy stuff we make sure to read the company’s reviews.

In today’s market, reviews are an essential part of the business. Whether you are buying or selling online, this is valuable information. It is part of the purchasing process to make informed decisions, to check if their service is reliable, trustworthy, and responsive.

Online stores depend on this feedback to create sales and attract new customers.  Shoppers rely on these unbiased comments. Haven’t you ever relied on a review?

So, come on! Pay It Forward, help your fellow humans, and small business owners. I promise, you will feel great about it. Leave a review next time you buy online.

Think of the Love you could be spreading!! ❤

Thank you all! Have a 5 star Tuesday!!! 😉

PS. Here’s the review my customer left on my shop.


Commissioned paintings

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