How to Care for your Paintings


Caring for your painting may involve a bit more than first imagined.

 Experts recommend a dust-free environment. If you have a room dedicated to your collection of artwork, even better. However, not realistic for the everyday, cozy living, pet friendly, and plant lovers like us.

Most of us buy art to hang it in our living rooms, bedrooms and even kitchens. I have paintings hanging in every room of my home and they look amazing, even after many decades.

 If your painting ever requires cleaning, I say, leave it to the professionals! Everything else we can handle by following this list of advice given by conservators and art curators. 

1. Remove watches or jewelry before handling the painting to avoid scratching the surface.

2. Carry the painting with two hands, holding it from the sides or back stretchers to minimize contact.

3. Hang paintings from studs and get proper wall hooks that will resist the weight.

4. Do not use water, harsh liquids or cloths to remove dirt or grim. It will probably destroy the pigments and make your colors look dull.

5. Keep your paintings at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight.

6. Take advantage of new technology and use led light fixtures to showcase your artwork.

8. Do not lay or press the canvas on rigid or pointy objects as this will permanently create an indentation or may cut the canvas.10. You may frame your painting behind glass to keep out dust and dirt.

10. Use compressed air to blow away surface dust. If it wasn’t enough, it would be better handled by the professionals and to leave the cleaning to someone who has experience in the matter.

I hope this information encourages you to grow your collection or start a new one. Art is an investment, but also something that gives us much joy. In my experience, as long as you follow the recommendations listed above, your paintings should last for many generations, even if it is not in a 100 % dust-free environment. 🙂

Happy Searching!


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