Landing Page – Not so Complicated

Creating a landing page is easy. What takes time is the design process, the content, and having a clear strategy.

I recently learned the importance of a landing page. It is a great marketing tool when creating campaigns. It is used to drive visitors to your website, to generate leads, offer downloads, promote a sale, and any other action focused on your specific need.

I have used WIX platform for many years. I love it. It is easy to navigate [and figure out], but most important, they have an amazing blog with great content about building, promoting, and designing your website.

With that said, I created my landing page with their help and this cool hover effect. WIX has templates that are easy to incorporate in your page. I preferred to design my own to promote the floral landscape collection shown below, and use Adobe Illustrator to draw those cute arrows to give the page a personal touch.

So, if you use WIX, or want to create your first landing page remember:

  • Have a specific target: generate sales, get subscribers, introduce a new product.
  • Convey a simple message: be clear on your end goal, and do not deviate.
  • Grab viewers attention: by creating a clean design, easy to ready & understand.
  • A clear Call to Action: visually strong design to encourage your visitors to click.
  • Test your links: i have all the pictures and text linked to my portfolio.
  • Avoid giving them other options: don’t include a menu, or any other links that are not related to your goal or campaign.

In case you are wondering how I made the video clip, I used Quick Time Player to record my screen.

I will soon put this page, and others, to the test. In the meantime you could watch how it looks on Youtube. I provided the link below.

Awapara Art Landing Page

To see the video on YouTube click here

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