Dream Collection 2020

Last year I participated in an Artist Workshop for an art licensing program. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, so it was my chance to try it out. The cost was minimal, $14.99 for each workshop. It was extremely helpful.

Lisa Larson is the brains behind this workshops. She provides guidance at the beginning of each month on a Newsletter format, and ideas on how to proceed with your work. She builds a Pinterest Board filled with pins related to the monthly theme. In addition, Lisa is available through email, in case you have questions, and provides useful information about trends, the industry and other related matters through out the month.

I can attest to this, I always have tons of questions for her. 🙂

At the end of the quarter (4 months), whether you participated in only one or all of her workshops, she curates the work to be presented to potential clients for licensing purposes.

Below is the first ebook for last year’s quarter.

The excerpt below is form Lisa’s website in case you are interested.

Each month we publish our Dream Collection of work curated through our monthly themed workshops. There is much more artwork available from each of these artists, so be sure to visit their pages and contact us to view the private galleries.

Comments are welcome!

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