Meet the Artist


My story. It begun around forty years ago, in a far, far away land… ok, not so far, just 5,000 miles, in a city called Lima -Peru. Known for their delicious dishes like “Ceviche” and “Lomo Saltado”. And recently “Machu-Picchu” was declared one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

If you ever travel to Peru, this is a place you must see before you leave.

Anyway, getting back to my story… after 16 years of Peruvian Ceviche, my parents moved us (my three sisters and me) to the US. Change is always difficult, but we adjusted quickly. Through the years, life happened, and art became a long forgotten passion. I had to work, pay bills and have fun, which i did plenty, so I m not complaining.

It wasn’t until my thirties that I got a chance to take an art class. It had been years since I was around art supplies, so at the store, I got an adrenaline rush!  After that, I took a few more classes, won a few awards, and got hooked to creating new pieces. The strange thing was that it took me 10 years to gather focus, discipline, and the courage needed to follow my dreams.

Now, here I am. finally doing what i love. I am painting, creating, and growing as an artist, while enjoying the process. It’s s a humbling experience.

If you feel my (he)ART, you are in the right place.

Come into my world of color. Explore vibrant landscapes, colorful wildflowers, and fun abstract pieces.

To check original artwork on my website: Awapara Official Website

To check my Print Shop go to: Awapara Art

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