SAVE THE DAY! South Miami Art Festival is this Nov 7 & 8

For all the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Residents…
Join us for the Official Launch of the Miami Art Season 2015-16. There’s something for everyone – and the best part – admission is free!

Starts on Nov 7 (10-5 PM) and Ends on Nov 8 at 5 PM. I will have a booth to showcase my latest work at the corner of Sunset Drive (SW 72 AVE) & 58 Court.

I hope to see you there! 🙂

Here’s a sneak peek of my latest work that I’ll be showcasing at this Art Festival

The following Map Shows my Location!

Colors Influence Your Mood

Front full

Feel like changing your frame of mind for the better? Buy a colorful painting.

I am not kidding 🙂 There are tons of articles in the Internet talking about how color influence our mood.

Think about it. How does the thought of opening a yellow umbrella on a rainy day makes you feel? Uplifting, isn’t it?

Besides, haven’t we all used phrases like “feeling blue” or “green with envy” to express our emotions and “white lie” or “golden opportunity” to express action?

This is testimony how powerful color is.  So, go ahead, fill your life with color and make your day brighter.

Think of the Love you could be Spreading!

Got another review on my Etsy Shop. How fulfilling!

Writing a review is time-consuming and sometimes boring, but when we buy stuff we make sure to read the company’s reviews.

In today’s market, reviews are an essential part of the business. Whether you are buying or selling online, this is valuable information. It is part of the purchasing process to make informed decisions, to check if their service is reliable, trustworthy, and responsive.

Online stores depend on this feedback to create sales and attract new customers.  Shoppers rely on these unbiased comments. Haven’t you ever relied on a review?

So, come on! Pay It Forward, help your fellow humans, and small business owners. I promise, you will feel great about it. Leave a review next time you buy online.

Think of the Love you could be spreading!! ❤

Thank you all! Have a 5 star Tuesday!!! 😉

PS. Here’s the review my customer left on my shop.


Commissioned paintings


Tropical drink are associated with summer and fun times. I love them!! Most of these colorful drinks are sweet and refreshing.

Inspired by the new Season, here’s a collection of my favorite beverages that I enjoy in a Hot Summer day! They serve to cool down and why not, as decorative pieces for your home bar!

I also included other pieces done previously, as commissioned paintings.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

PS. Prints are available here and the originals will soon be ready on my Etsy Shop