Adding the Finishing Touches


How do I know when a painting is done?

Well, for me is all about feeling. As I go through the motions of applying each color, little by little layers are built on top of each other, revealing the work of art.

In other words, the harmony created by motion and color speaks to my heart letting me know to put down the brush.

The picture above shows part of a big painting measuring 50 x 100 inches.

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Painting: 30 in 30 – Day 28

Today, I was not sure what to paint. I started working on several paintings that I felt I wanted to add or change something. Then, I stumbled upon some palm trees. I added paint, but didn’t like the colors, so I took some away. After playing around with it and experiment some more, it morphed into a strange abstract painting.

It was not my intention, but I kind of liked it 😀

Acrylics on gessoboard, 6 x 6

Have a wonderful Saturday! 😀

I am off to IKEA, Yay!!!

Painting: 30 in 30 – Day 5

Today’s painting was  a mistake! At least the fist version.

I painted the photo below, but I did not like the outcome. Without giving it much thought, I grabbed a piece of hard plastic and scrapped most of the painting away, leaving some at the bottom. The funny thing was that it turned into abstract art after applying the bright red, magenta, yellow and orange colors :D.

Day 5 painting inspired by the photo of Carla Whelan from PMP:

Sunset over Hayman by Carla Whelan from PMP
Sunset over Hayman by Carla Whelan from PMP

Have a wonderful day! And thanks for stopping by 😀