Painting: Experimenting

After a week break I was incredibly disconnected.

It felt strange not being able to just pick up the brush and paint with ease. This couple of days, I’ve ruined two canvases, forcing my self into creativity. It was not the first time it happened, but I had forgotten how it felt – disconnected, lost and a bit scared. So, I gave up trying and let go.

I really don’t know what happened between then and now, but today I felt in sync again. The only thing I can add to it, is that I am grateful.

I know this is a very simple painting, but I like that it is loose, colorful and carefree. (the picture had poor light, so it came out a bit fussy :()

Painting: Acrylic on stretch canvas, 24 x 48

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Painting: 30 in 30 – Day 28

Today, I was not sure what to paint. I started working on several paintings that I felt I wanted to add or change something. Then, I stumbled upon some palm trees. I added paint, but didn’t like the colors, so I took some away. After playing around with it and experiment some more, it morphed into a strange abstract painting.

It was not my intention, but I kind of liked it πŸ˜€

Acrylics on gessoboard, 6 x 6

Have a wonderful Saturday! πŸ˜€

I am off to IKEA, Yay!!!

Painting: 30 in 30 – Day 21

Every time I saw a Mural or thought about doing one, I felt intimidated.

I am not sure if it was the thought of public display, the size of it or knowing I cannot go back and change it. In any case, I was accepted to take part in a community project call “The Good Wall“. This wall is an outdoor gallery of murals painted around The Good Will Store at la Little Habana, Miami, Florida.

Robert (my boyfriend) went with me. He was my photographer of the day and was also very patient.

It was raining hard when we got there, but we knew it was not going to beΒ for long. In the meantime, we drove the car into the alley, behind the store and looked for the space I was going to paint. The spot we found was high up, so I stepped on the roof top of the car and got ready.

I was surprised that it felt so natural as if I had done this before. It was a great experience. I had so much fun, that I told Rob that I will paint a small mural at home, probably the small wall beneath the eating counter. He approved! πŸ˜€

After I was done, I sent the picture to the director of this project and she replied: “Gorgeous”.Β Good enough for me!

IMG_20130921_015225 20130921_151447 20130921_150729 IMG_20130921_152413 IMG_20130921_154030

Painting: Three Magenta Palm Trees

I have been busy with my new website, investigating what are meta tags and painting my latest commissioned painting (a penguin). I love it! So, I am making time today to post a new painting.

This piece was lots of fun to create. It was one of those days that I felt like experimenting with a new medium. I took some watercolor crayons out, and before I knew it these three palm trees appeared on the board! I love when that happens. I wish I can remember the process of loosing my mind into the painting. I think that when I am not afraid to mess up, is when I get most creative.

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