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Some of you asked me, when am I going to post new paintings? ūüėÄ The truth is that I delayed the new posts in purpose for a very simple, yet important reason: Copyright issues.

I took a few weeks off last December to do some remodeling around the apartment. I did not paint, but I did read and listened to instructional videos about marketing, licensing and sharing art online. To tell you the truth, the information was overwhelming.

In short, I decided to copyright every painting I create from now on.

Below, I included a list of sites to explain some of the whys and the hows¬†in connection to this subject. I e-filed my first copyright a couple of weeks ago through the US official site. The step by step process was easy to follow and they do have a link “How to Register a Work“. Nothing to be afraid of ūüėÄ ! One thing I should mention is that it costs $35 for each time you submit a request. However, the good news is that you may include multiple unpublished pieces of art in one single application.

The keyword is “unpublished“.

To make it simple:

Р Published Art: A single application must be file.

Р Unpublished Art: As long as all pieces have never been published, you may include it in one single application.

This is the reason I am holding off on posting new paintings. My plan is to file an application by the end of each month. I also want to copyright some of my published pieces, but that will take time.

Remember, this includes photography, illustration and any type of visual art.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week! ūüėÄ


Resourceful sites:

What are Meta Tags? The answer…

meta-tags (1)… might be a bit complicated. However, here is my attempt to explain it based on what I read the past couple of weeks.

Do you remember those index cards, were you used to write recipes? (maybe school lessons? or business contacts?) I do! My favorite one was oatmeal cookies.

You are probably thinking what on earth recipes has to do with Meta Tags?  Well, believe it or not, it works exactly the same in the World Wide Web (WWW) (at least this is what I understood :D).

The usual practice to write a recipe on an index card was to include a short title, which helped us find it later. The list of ingredients was as important, being that a wrong item would throw you off completely. Finally, the preparation took us into a more detailed explanation. In other words, I wouldn’t titled this recipe chicken stew, nor would I find red vinegar as ¬†part of my ingredients, right?

Then, if you understand how we used those index cards, you understand Meta Tags! Meta Tags have the same purpose and system. The most common ones below:

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How to Identify Values – A Neat Trick

value03If you are a painter reading this, you know there are many important aspects in the process of creating a painting.  Choosing a medium is the easiest part. Deciding on a subject is a bit more complicated, not to mention creating a compelling composition. However, it does not end there. Selecting a color palette is the next step. Now we are ready to start, but wait! We need to choose our values first. Yes, values are of great significance.

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