Colors Influence Your Mood

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Feel like changing your frame of mind for the better? Buy a colorful painting.

I am not kidding ūüôā There are tons of articles in the Internet talking about how color influence our mood.

Think about it. How does the thought of opening a yellow umbrella on a rainy day makes you feel? Uplifting, isn’t it?

Besides, haven’t we all used phrases like “feeling blue” or “green with envy” to express our emotions and “white lie” or “golden opportunity” to express action?

This is testimony how powerful color is.  So, go ahead, fill your life with color and make your day brighter.

How to Identify Values – A Neat Trick

value03If you are a painter reading this, you know there are many important aspects in the process of creating a painting.  Choosing a medium is the easiest part. Deciding on a subject is a bit more complicated, not to mention creating a compelling composition. However, it does not end there. Selecting a color palette is the next step. Now we are ready to start, but wait! We need to choose our values first. Yes, values are of great significance.

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