Painting: Three Magenta Palm Trees

I have been busy with my new website, investigating what are meta tags and painting my latest commissioned painting (a penguin). I love it! So, I am making time today to post a new painting.

This piece was lots of fun to create. It was one of those days that I felt like experimenting with a new medium. I took some watercolor crayons out, and before I knew it these three palm trees appeared on the board! I love when that happens. I wish I can remember the process of loosing my mind into the painting. I think that when I am not afraid to mess up, is when I get most creative.

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Have a wonderful day! 😀

Painting: We Forgot the Umbrella under the Storm

I was looking at some of the pictures we took the weekend at the beach. We had lots of fun, but there were a few storms that surprised us, one of which, we forgot the umbrella at the beach. That is why I decided to title this painting just that.

I placed below my interpretation of the photo. I wanted to focus all my attention in the umbrella, that is why I did not include anything else. Besides, the painting is just 8 x 10 in, so I felt it would look clutter.

Photo by me

By the way, this painting is open for bidding. Just click on the picture. It will take you to DWP site.

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