Painting: Happy Flamingo

I didn’t start early today, but at least I finished a painting.

I have wanted to paint a flamingo for a while. In fact, even make a bunch of paintings about it, like a theme. After completing this one, I want to do it.

I thought of doing it in acrylic, but fate intervened πŸ˜€

Actually, I believe we choose our path, but sometimes it feels that it is fate.

I went to the store this morning to get a new tube of Titanium white acrylic paint, because mine was gone. My first thought was to paint a white background for the flamingo to pop. I will do it on the next one. However, when I got back home, I realized that I had bought a tube of oil paint. I could have gone back to the store to exchange it, but i didn’t feel like it. Here is where I chose my path… so, I used oils instead! πŸ˜€

At the end, I don’t regret it. I like it much more when I use oils.

Have a wonderful night and thanks for visiting! πŸ˜€

Painting: Silhouettes of Nature II

It is only my second day of getting back to my routine, of painting one small work a day, and I already feel good about sticking to the plan πŸ˜€ (Every day counts!! heehee).

Anyway, here is my Tuesday painting. For this piece I also used a limited palette, the same colors as yesterdayΒ . My inspiration for this piece was a photoΒ taken years ago on a trip to Brazil.

Thanks for stopping by!! πŸ˜€

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