Website Redesigned!


I thought I was done! Never imagined myself redesigning my website every year.

Thankfully, I enjoy the creative process, but it is a lot of work.

My purpose of updating the website, or this blog for that matter, is to make it easier to navigate, appealing to the eye and user-friendly. I hope to improve with each change.

Best wishes,

Friday hugs to allπŸ™‚β€

Painting: Cafe at Night in Old Town Canada

I was busy this morning preparing the canvas for a commissioned painting (Yay!) Β I was so excited about my new order that I almost forgot my commitment to paint one a day :D. Phew!! but I Β am glad I remembered on time.

I probably should have done something simple, but for whatever reason I wanted to paint a little cafe. I’ve tried to push myself to paint scenic views that I am afraid of. I know it sounds crazy, but Β if I want to get better,Β I need to let go all of my fears (of messing it up or whatever). So, I browsed through my picture folder and didn’t stop until I found it.

I had no daylight when I took the picture. I used a spot light. As a result, it is hard to see all the details. I also feel that no photo compares to the original, but this has to do. At least for now!

Got to go! Have a good night!

As always, thanks for visiting and for your comments! πŸ˜€