Traveling to Miami?

I recently visited Miami, Florida.

I stayed in this room for a few nights and the host was amazing. I was one of her test subjects right before she decided to list the room in Airbnb.

If you are looking for a place to stay while in Miami, this room is located in the beautiful area of Fontainebleau Blvd. It is 15 minutes away from the airport, with traffic might be a bit more.

Looking to do some shopping? Dolphin & International Malls are 5 minutes away, and the bus stop is at the corner of this complex. For those of you that like Uber better, it costs $6 dollars to get a ride there. And, recently a row of awesome restaurants opened by Dolphin Mall.

Also, highways [Turnpike/Palmetto/137Extension] are around the corner. You could get to Miami Beach & Downtown area in about 35 minutes, South Kendall in around 25, and Hollywood Beach about an hour. This timings were calculated without rush hour traffic. It is best to avoid it.

The room is well lit, clean, colorful and has access to the balcony. The bed has a queen Tempur-Pedic mattress. I slept like a baby, but if you rather unwind there is a Flat TV w/ Comcast Cable with hundreds of Channels, or you can use the Wifi to get internet access. Also, the room has a tiny fridge, perfect for a few cans of soda and snacks. The microwave is convenient in case you want to warm up some food, but I didn’t use it. I did love that I was able to make coffee the moment I woke up. She provides coffee for the coffee maker. Awesome Detail!

Even though she loves pets, she has a no pets and non-smoking room policy, which is understandable. Occasionally, her daughters visit with their small dogs, but it was at normal hours.

The location of the townhome is super convenient, but a bit tricky to get to her building. However, the instructions she posted on the listing (you will see them once you book) are detailed and will help you get there. The one thing I loved about it was that I had an assigned parking space in front of the door, which was always open for my use.

The one thing people might not like is that you have to go two flights of stairs to get to the room, but for me it was no big deal. It was good exercise. Besides, her rates are amazing.

To get inside, the main door opens to the second flight of stairs, which is common area. Once on top the main townhome and the room, each has a separate entrances. The way to the room is through a glass door, which you could lock.

If you would like to check it out, here’s the link to the Airbnb listing.

She has a Special Offer running. Check it out!

Special offer: 20% off this home | This host is offering a one-time deal to the first 3 guests who book a trip between now and Jan 05.

Here are some of the picture she has on her listing, which reflect the room as it its.

I am RAW artist!

Like every other day, I went to check my Artist Facebook page. I was surprised to find a message in my inbox from a showcase director with an organization called RAW artist. As an artist, I probably should have known them, but I had no idea (not proud about that :().

Here are parts of her message, which by the way all this happened about a week ago:

“… I’m the Miami showcase director of an arts organization called RAW: natural born artists, RAW is an indie arts organization for artists, by artists. We focus on spotlighting indie underground talent to the public. Every month we hand-select and showcase 40 artists in film, fashion, music, visual art, photography, accessories, performing art, hair, and makeup.
RAW operates in 80+ cities worldwide, including Miami!…
… I came across your work on Etsy and I think your work is fantastic! I love how colorful your work is.
I’m hereby officially selecting you for the showcase!!”

After I read this, you could imagine how I felt. I was thrilled, to say the least, to get an invitation for this event. We set up a phone call meeting. I was impressed with all the tools this organization provides to the artist and how unique they are. They give us a profile page in their website, here’s mine. They also bring media, photographers and film makers to create a video about the artist, (like an interview, which I am a bit nervous about! I hope I don’t get brain freeze :(, if you know what i mean).  As they say in their website:

“Our RAW Directors hand-pick and spotlight local artistic talent in film, fashion, music, visual art, hair & makeup artistry, and performance art. With artists from all genres in each showcase, RAW events come together to form an amazing one-night circus of creativity.”

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