Yoga in Mind?

It is a rainy day in sunny Florida, leaving me no option but to stay inside to exercise.

I know I am supposed to be posting new paintings, but I had to share this excellent website with free yoga videos.

Mat on the floor, yoga pants on and CD in hand, I realized I didn’t have the CD Player connected… oops! Without delay and before I make it an excuse not to exercise, I Google yoga classes online. The search came with many options, so I clicked on the first one,, where it offered yoga classes, of all levels and for free šŸ˜€ . A great concept, because it lets you try it out, and eventually, if you like it, you may buy the CD or download the video in HD for a small fee.

Anyway, I did it!!! A beginners class of course and LOVED IT!!!! If you have wondered about taking some yoga classes, this could be a great start.

Like they say… Namaste



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