3 thoughts on “Website Redesigned!

  • Hi Patricia. OK, enter stage left myself who is a recovering geek known for the phrase ‘did anybody test this’, and also a secret member of the spelling police. I have a few items for correction.
    1. Hover over the second box. ‘Loose’ should be spelled ‘lose’.
    2. Hover over the third box. I believe there should be a ‘you’ before ‘see’.
    3. Hover over the fourth box. The second sentence is incomplete.
    4. On the ‘Drying’ page, Stay Tune! should be Stay Tuned!
    5. On the other three pages, the $ should come before the number.
    6. The phrase ‘Out of Stock’ is kinda weird with unique original art. ‘Sold’ or nothing in this position would seem better.
    7. Artist’s Statement. intuitivly should be intuitively
    8. My Story: It begun should be It began. Last line of the third paragraph you have i where it should be I.
    9. Mission Statement. Remove ‘the’ before ‘Europe’.

    That’s about all I looked at. Hope that all helps – but yes! It looks good.


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