How to Promote your Paintings, Art and Photography

It took me a while, but it is finally here.

Below is a list of things I do to promote my paintings and get my customers to return for more.

I learned that the most important thing to do, is to have your own webpage, as I call it – an Official Website. This website is your portfolio online. Consequently, no matter where you are, you will be able to show your work to any potential customer, gallery or interested parties. Besides, it is a great presentation tool.

I have my page at Big Black Bag. I like their setting and it is easy to navigate. Plus, you have many option for promotion and e-commerce. They offer a 14 day free trial and if you like it, you can choose from their many monthly of yearly fees.

I also have many other social media site where I post new paintings and events. If you haven’t set up a page on Facebook, I recommended. It is easy and another amazing tool. Through my Facebook Page, people have contacted me to do commission paintings, invite me to galleries, take part in fairs and even bought some pieces. Besides, it is free to create a page.

I don’t use Twitter too much, but it has also bring me some sales. I try not to bombard people with my paintings. I also share articles about art and other useful information. Besides, it is free to create an account.

I also have an Etsy Shop. If you haven’t heard of Etsy, you need to check it out. It is growing incredibly fast. I had many sales through Etsy. In addition, the director of RAW found me through this site. And that was not the first time people have contacted me to inform me of other venues. Etsy is where I have had the most commissioned paintings requested, sales and contacts. It is free to create a shop. However, it cost .20 cents to post your item and a % when you sell it, but it is worth it.

Another recently found site is Daily Paintworks. I was surprised to sell a piece the second day I uploaded my work. I am still trying to get familiarized with the ins and outs, price range and best sellers, but I had and average of one per month. You do however need to be aware that this is like Ebay, but they only sell art and they do charge $12 a month to be a member.  Most sales are of small pieces, but I think it is worth it and another tool to promote your work.

The other site that I love, but haven’t had much time to log in lately, is Fine Art America. My experience has been all positive and had many sales. This site offers prints of your work, which is a great way to earn royalties. In other words, it is like, but the royalties are better. Each print you sell here, you choose how much money you would like to receive for them. They also have great tools for promotion, like coupons, blogs, event posts, announcements and much more. It is also a great community of artists helping each other. The fee is $30 yearly, to be able to sell prints of your art. By the way, this site is also great for fotographers.

The latest page I found to promote and get information on the latest events, venues and awards is I cannot tell you much about it, even though I signed up a few months ago. I became interested because a friend recommended the site. In fact, I am so new to this one that I only have 7 supporters … heehee. It seems that when people click the “SUPPORT ME” bottom (no money required, just a post on Facebook) I get a chance to win awards and promotions. This is how it goes: with 9 SUPPORTS (or clicks), one will be eligible for the life changing Grand Prize / with 19 SUPPORTS, be featured in a See.Me Facebook gallery seen by hundreds of thousands / with 99 SUPPORTS, be featured in a digital group show at SCOPE Miami 2013 during Miami Art Week. If you like to help me on this quest, just click on SUPPORT ME. It will post on your Facebook or Twitter.

I also have profiles on the following sites, which I don’t log in much, but it gets my name and work out there:

Saatchi Online
RAW artsits

Let’s not forget your blog. This is an amazing way to get connected with artists around the world. To get inspired, to share your work and give each other support. I don’t rely on this site for customers, I love the friendly atmosphere, great articles, fellow artists and bloggers.

I hope this post helps you promote your art and hopefully, get some sales. 😀

Have a Fantastic Day! Thanks for stopping by.

Painting: Gabriel

Making the video was harder than I thought.

I did a test run on Saturday, but it came out terrible. During painting, I forgot about the camera and step right in front of it many times. I have to figure out a way to do it. Maybe, it only works on small pieces.

In the mean time, here is a piece I did on Sunday. It has a story behind it. I started it three years ago, but for whatever reason I never finished it. Well, yesterday something told me to bring it out and try one more time and this is the result.

I am happy about the outcome, so I asked the art director if I could showcase the painting on the upcoming exhibition, being that it has the same color scheme as my other paintings… she approved and said she loved it… Yay!!!

So, from flowers to flamingos to this!

I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful rest of the day!

PS. painting is 30 x 40, acrylic on canvas 😀

Painting: Funky Flowers

A couple of days ago I experimented with color to get out of my recent mental block.

However, I realized today that it is not so much that I was experimenting with paint, but with my boundaries. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone, again today, and did my best to overcome any fear of making a mistake or ruining another canvas. In the process, it felt as if every step I took brought me closer to a different state of mind; one with unlimited possibilities.

It would be perfect if I could repeat it many times more in the future 😀

Now, talking about the future…

I will try for the first time to video my painting process. How exciting!! And along with it, I will share a few techniques I use. I am no expert, but some of you have asked me about it.

Regarding time, I noticed that I have neglected my other websites, my Etsy and print shop. I believe a schedule to manage all my online sites, take pictures, read, paint, prepare for events and so on would help me balance things out. I love spending time on WordPress, reading all the blogs, enjoying the beautiful art and photography, so I will still make time for that as well. I am sure most of you know what I mean. I believe dedicating a day to each site is a good start. I am sure I will find the perfect fit by trail and error.

You might not see me here every day, but behind the scenes, I will continue to paint and share it with you frequently.

Thank you all for your support, wonderful comments and friendly hearts 😀

Have a wonderful evening!

Painting: Happy Flamingo

I didn’t start early today, but at least I finished a painting.

I have wanted to paint a flamingo for a while. In fact, even make a bunch of paintings about it, like a theme. After completing this one, I want to do it.

I thought of doing it in acrylic, but fate intervened 😀

Actually, I believe we choose our path, but sometimes it feels that it is fate.

I went to the store this morning to get a new tube of Titanium white acrylic paint, because mine was gone. My first thought was to paint a white background for the flamingo to pop. I will do it on the next one. However, when I got back home, I realized that I had bought a tube of oil paint. I could have gone back to the store to exchange it, but i didn’t feel like it. Here is where I chose my path… so, I used oils instead! 😀

At the end, I don’t regret it. I like it much more when I use oils.

Have a wonderful night and thanks for visiting! 😀